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September 11, 2014

Unread, by Jared Sinclair, is a wonderful app. It’s the best way to enjoy reading blogs on iPhone and iPad. The care and attention that has gone into designing and building this news reader is obvious from first launch. An elegant set of high-end typefaces set it apart from other iOS apps. It has been structured thoughtfully, so navigation and access to features is always clear. Jared has painstakingly ensured that every interaction is fluid and responsive. The result of his work is a calm, consistent app, perfect for reading on iPhone and iPad.

We met Jared at WWDC and discussed, among other things, the difficulties of running an indie app business. It was sad to read, a couple of months later, that he wasn’t making enough of a living from Unread and had concluded that it was time to move on. We decided to get in touch and see if he would consider selling Unread, so that development could continue.

Today, Oisin and I are hugely excited to announce that Unread is a Supertop app.

Unread makes an excellent companion to our podcast app, Castro. Both apps are news/entertainment focused, share similar design goals and even rely on the same underlying feed technology. We are grateful to Jared for trusting us with the future of Unread and look forward to developing and refining both of these apps for years to come.

We’ll be moving Unread to Supertop’s App Store account over the next few weeks — there are technical limitations that prevent a direct transfer, but when the transition happens we will ensure that all customers are moved to the new app free of charge.

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“Unread is refreshingly simple and elegant. If you subscribe to RSS feeds and read them on your iPhone, take some time and use Unread for a while – I think you’ll be glad you did.”
— Shawn Blanc

“Unread provides a fantastic mix of elegant typography, intuitive gesture-based, one-handed navigation, iOS 7 features, and modern sharing tools that, in my opinion, make it the best RSS reader for iPhone today.”
— Federico Viticci