For iPhone

Transition Guide

Unread is now a Supertop app. Unread for iPhone 1.4 is the first version to be released on Supertop's account. This is a separate app from the original but we've made sure previous customers can unlock all functionality in the new version for free. This guide will walk you through the process.

1. Ensure you have Unread 1.3.2 installed

You need to have the latest version of the old Unread installed to unlock 1.4 for free.

If you have an older version installed check the Updates tab in the App Store for the update.

If you don't have Unread installed any more, or the update doesn't show, follow these steps to install it:

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Tap into the Updates tab.
  3. Tap into the Purchased section at the top of the list of updates.
  4. Swipe down to reveal the search box and search for Unread.
  5. Tap to install Unread 1.3.2.

2. Download Unread 1.4

Launch Unread 1.3.2 and tap the Upgrade button under The Future of Unread heading on the home screen to download Unread 1.4.

You can also download from here by tapping the button below.

3. Unlock Unread for Free

Launch Unread 1.4 and follow these steps to unlock all functionality for free:

  1. On the home screen scroll down to the More section and tap Unlock Unread.
  2. Wait for details to load then tap Unlock Now.
  3. Tap Upgrade.
  4. Unread will perform a "handshake" with the old version. Your phone will switch momentarily to the old version as we verify the purchase and then return to the new version.
  5. At this point you can choose to add an optional tip or just perform the unlock.
  6. The App Store will prompt you to enter your account password. The free unlock is processed through the App Store so that you can restore this purchase at a later date if needed without going through this whole process again.
  7. Once the App Store transaction is confirmed the full functionality of Unread will be unlocked.

4. Sign in to your account

You will need to sign in to your service of choice in the new Unread. For security reasons we did not feel comfortable transferring login details between apps (since the apps are by different developers the secure option of using keychain was not available to us).

Unread for iPad

The transition guide for the iPad version is available here.